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"On the Sage"

What is 'On the Sage'?

"On the Sage" is a new feature that we will be adding to Sage Solutions. It will be used to bring you great info to help grow and develop your business. It could be systems related, bookkeeping, etc.

Where did "On the Sage" Come From?

While doing research about "Sage", I stumbled upon a term called "On the Sage". It is used as a way of asking someone if what they are saying is true. Most of the time we say "Seriously?" or "Are you sure?" or "Is that true?". For instance, I say to a friend, "There are 2 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico". Instead of them saying "Seriously?", they would say "On the Sage?" and I would reply with "On the Sage". This means what I'm telling you is the truth. And yes, if you have had your head in the sand, there are 2 storms in the Gulf of Mexico that are projected to become hurricanes as I type this post.

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