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Quickbooks Receipt Capture Feature

Do You Use Quickbooks Online Receipt Capture?

I'm super excited about this feature. It's a Quickbooks feature that is not fully utilized in my opinion.

Here's How it Works: The Receipt Capture uses the camera feature on your smartphone via the Quickbooks app you've downloaded. Here's what it looks like on your phone...

It does NOT save the photo to your phone but instead sends it to your Quickbooks account. It takes a few minutes for it to populate. You can find it under the "Banking" or "Transactions" tab on the far left then select "Receipts". Did you know that you can write any info (like property address or who you were meeting with...client, business professional etc.) on the receipt before taking a photo with your phone? Here's some benefits of using Quickbooks Online Receipt Capture: 1. A place to store all receipts 2. Attach receipts to transactions 3. Pre-categorize transactions when reviewing receipts A. Add "from" bank account B. Add Payee C. Add class D. Add location E. Make notes F. Verify date & amount 4. Assist with IRS compliance 5. And make your bookkeepers life/job much easier. 6. Cuts down "client to advise" (unknown transactions) questions which will save both you and your bookkeeper time in the long run. Here is short description from Quickbooks on how to use the receipt capture on your phone. If you have a lot of transactions or purchases from the same vendor, like Home Depot, it would save you and your bookkeeper a lot of time if you used the receipt capture feature. I promise you will see the benefits of using this new feature. Ask your bookkeeper how you can start using this feature today.

Sincerely, Dee Dee Huey Your Favorite Bookkeeper


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