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Grow your REI business and leave the accounting to the professionals.

Welcome to Sage Solutions, your destination for top-notch real estate accounting. Our dedicated team ensures precision in financial records, allowing you to focus on growth. Tailored SOLUTIONS ensure accuracy, compliance, and strategic foresight. Experience peace of mind and unlock your full potential with our expertise. Join us today for a brighter financial future

Free Discovery Call

Embark on a journey to financial clarity with our free accounting discovery call! Discover personalized solutions as we delve into your specific business requirements. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, our experienced team is dedicated to supporting your financial aspirations. Reserve your spot now and let's pave the way to your success together!

We Offer

& Realtors

Business financees sidelining your deals? You're not a bookkeeper, we are! Helping you make more profits is what we do best so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Land Lords

We stand by residential landlords to ensure the security and understanding of their financially active assets, all while sparing them from spending hours at their desk managing QuickBooks.


We help house flippers track project costs, budgets and time lines by providing up to date project numbers.

Commercial Property

Do you own commercial property? May it be a Mall, RV park or Storage facility. There's so much to track. How do you know if you're catching it all? We know exactly what to do.


"Dee Dee is not only a master at her craft but an amazing person to boot. I have worked side-by-side and received excellent advice from Dee Dee. I give her my top level recommendation as a bookkeeper and professional"

—  Michael Hansen, MBA  —
Founder & Senior Profit Coach of ProfitMax Professionals 

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